Thursday, June 15, 2006


Have you ever mindfucked yourself? I highly recommend it. Mental masturbation just like really good sex it gives you something to think about other than life for a while. Very satisfying. You may not know what I mean by a good mindfuck so I will explain.

Watch Mary Poppins immediately followed by SOB sometime. Everyone is familiar with Mary Poppins. I mean you would have had to live under a rock for your entire life to have missed this one. A bitch’n nanny comes into the life of a really uptight family and using song and sound arguments rocks their world. The carpetbag alone is worth seeing. She pulls fucking EVERYTHING out of this bag. I want one!

In case you did miss the movie I will sum up. A wealthy, very uptight British family in the early 1900’s has just lost there like 15th nanny. The nannies keep leaving because the kids are a nightmare. They misbehave all over the place trying to get the attention of their parents. The mother loves the kids but is in the women’s votes movement and had little time for them. The father is a banker who wants a “proper” and “respectable” family rooted in the Victorian ideals (read kids should be seen but not heard and wife should be happy being the little woman at home supporting her man). Mary Poppins comes in and helps the family to get over the blocks that are in the way of really relating to each other.

SOB is dark comedy that came out around the 1981. This is a movie that most likely few people in their early 30’s or younger have seen. Classic Blake Edwards. He also did Victor/Victoria and the original Pink Panther series among others. SOB is a movie that satirizes the Hollywood of the time. Sex drugs and profits are the goal in this universe. There is a scene where a doctor (played to perfection by Robert Preston) wants to have a B12 shot to help with a hangover and asks a hitchhiker (a very young Rosanna Arquette) if she knows how to give an injection. “I was a junkie once” she replies. “Good enough for me” he says.

SOB takes the worst of Hollywood and puts in on display for all to see in a way that makes you laugh. The plot of SOB is that a well renowned very successful director makes his latest masterpiece (a light, touchy feely movie about a woman remembering her coming of age) and in initial screening it is a huge flop. He goes into suicidal depression and his status queen wife (the star of the movie he made) leaves him. A party is thrown at his house to cheer him up where “Studio 54” would be a good description of it. During the party he gets the idea to re-film the movie turning it into a sexual exposition. The rest of SOB is about the re-filming (his wife has a hard time filming the topless scene so needs a little chemical help but succeeds. “I am going to show my boobies. Are you here to see my boobies?” Yep, we get to see them.) and the director’s exploits trying to retain the rights after the studio realizes it has a huge blockbuster on it’s hands.

“OK,” you say. “So I watch these two together. Big deal?”

They both star Julie Andrews. She plays the nanny in Mary Poppins and director’s wife in SOB.

Mindfucked ya didn’t I.


RX deReyechus said...

i wonder if mindfucking is related to grudgefucking. oh, i bet it is. i bet i've done combined'm before, too.

well, not on myself. that's kinda like stabbin yourself in the hand accidentally, and who the hell does that . . .

Frogspond said...

I think that they could be along the fucking continuum. is that like a fucking pendulum... swing back and forth... it rhymes at any rate.

rdr said...

hey, as long as the title contains fuckin, i'm there!