Wednesday, June 14, 2006

God reminds me to laugh somtimes...

There are moments where God reminds me that sometimes you just need to laugh. Take what happened the other day:

I was at work and listening to System of a Down’s “Kill Rock and Roll.” I get an email from my partner saying that the woman who for years has called her fat, ugly, a failure and other worse insults was mowing the lawn at her dad’s house. My partner said: “I opened the window and jumped back. What am I FIVE??”

I cracked up laughing because right then my imagination filled with the picture of the Wicked Bitch of the West (WBOTW for short) sweating her anorexicly skinny ass off trying to push this heavy mower across the lawn to these lyrics “I felt like the biggest ass hole… when I killed your rock and roll… mow down the sexy people… eat all the grass that you want, accidents happen in the dark.”

How could you not laugh??


RX deReyechus said...

so does wwotw have a kid named kyle by chance?

Frogspond said...