Monday, August 14, 2006

More Bad Milk

Ok, this one wins the dumas award for this week. I got this email in the IT Support inbox at work...


Work #27229 is for off network, #26525 is for messy subdirectories I sent out on July 24 (see the email below).

Thanks [deleted] for working hard on this problem. However, the problem is still here. The folder "[deleted]" created on Aug. 9 contains 117 sub-folders, 609 files, 57.6 MB.
Is it ok if I delete the "All Users," "[deleted]", "[deleted]" and "[deleted]" folders from here?
I hope you can fix the problem. "

The folder "All Users" contains the shortcuts, data, and application information to most of the software installed on every Window's based PC out there.

This is part of the answer my boss gave this person... "The All Users Folder is where most of the Program settings are, including most of the ones you use. If you look under your profile, you'll see very few settings under the Start menu. Kill the All Users folder, and most of your programs will be inaccessible." Just this folder alone being deleted would basically blow up the Windows operating system.

The reason this question wins the award??

The person who sent this email is a software developer.