Thursday, February 15, 2007

What my life is like

Hello all,

This is a neat slideshow about what my life and countless others lives are like.;_ylt=A0WTUewj.NNFDAIAqzes0NUE

The first couple is lucky. They can afford the legal fees entailed in getting the paperwork done.

I cannot.

The second couple is also lucky. They have custody of their children.

I do not.

If I lived in the state of Virginia it would be illegal for me to draw up the paperwork to protect property inheritance, hospital visitation and joint property ownership. In a lot of states even if I did have the paperwork I am not guaranteed simple hospital visitation.

Can you imagine what it is like to pack for a simple vacation? I, and countless others, make sure we bring the medical power of attorney paperwork with us. This is just to simply be able to sit with our partner in the treatment room if our partner gets sick, instead of being forced to wait in the waiting room with no information given to us because we are not related.

Sometimes, in the fight about what to call it, we lose sight of what it all really means...



Monday, February 05, 2007

Bloody Hell!

Ok, here I am at work. We are planning to shuffle the entire 9th floor of my building around. In other words 42 office moves. Forty-Two people will be changing offices. Forty-Two. Not just moving to another floor. That would be too easy. No, we are moving them around. Just. around. from office to office.

So, myself and two of my co-workers just spent two and a half hours figuring out how we can do this, based on the (initially incomplete, didn't get the whole one till we found problems with the first one) list of who goes where. The reason is, some people are going into offices that other people need to vacate first. Only 4 instances have people moving into actual empty offices. So, doing the math... that leaves 38 moves that are in some way dependant on each other. Five of these instances actually have more than three office moves needing to take place before the last person can move in. Anyone familiar with the term Charley Foxtrot?

As far as I can tell most of these moves are not based on helping operations be more efficient or to save space. I asked, multiple times, about the need to move all of these people a lot of whom have moved offices in the last 10 MONTHS. An answer could not be given. Eventually it came down to TPTB (The Powers That Be) want to do this.

In all of my years of working for that most illogical organization, then for the organization that made a twisted sort of sense, doing so many things that I didn’t understand, I don't think I have ever said the words I said to my boss right before we got out of the planning session...

"This is stupid."