Friday, September 21, 2007


“What is real?”
Morpheus in Matrix.

All of reality is subjective.

My reality is not your reality and vice versa. What I perceive as a warm day is cold to others. Just look at Floridians who come up here to visit. My experience of living in a colder climate has conditioned me to feel 70 degree weather as warm. I am sure that you can come up with other examples for yourselves.

There are those who believe that all of reality is the same for everyone.




Not according to my experience. You know, solid, is not really solid at all.

Science has proven that there are tiny, sub-microscopic spaces between apparently “solid” matter. The keyboard I am using to write this has space between the molecules that make up the plastic that make up the parts to the keyboard. What we perceive as “solid” is really the electromagnetic repulsion of the molecules that my hand is composed of being pushed away from the molecules of the plastic in the keyboard. In a way, I am not really touching the plastic of the keys.

Still with me?

Lets go a step further.

“What is Truth?”

My truth, just like my reality, is colored by my experiences. What is true for me is not the same truth for you.

There are those who believe that there is only one universal truth.

I am less and less inclined to believe that.

I believe that there are many universal truths. I believe that the ones I connect with are just a true as the ones you connect with. However, I believe that those that are true for you, are not necessarily truth for me.

The truth in my universe is not the same as the truth in your universe.

Makes for an interesting view of the world…

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Frogspond said...


Don't believe that "solid" objects aren't solid? Try riding with Ru while s/he is learning to drive.

Fucking miracles each time we go.

This last time the end of the vehicle passed through at least three solid objects. LOL!!!

This is not a comment on his/her driving. S/he is actually a good driver, just needs more practice and a calmer passenger.