Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back to light and fluffy

I am finally getting the answers to all those things I have wondered about all these years and I feel like I am picking things up from long ago.

For example I had looked for a a copy of the song "Groove is in the heart" by Deee-lite back when the song first came out. I just today finally found one on CD.

Do you remember the song "When I think of you, I touch myself"? I heard that song long ago when I was in college (and about 8 years before I admitted I am gay). I heard about the video to that song and I really wanted to see it. Couldn't find it then. I have always wondered about that video cause what I heard about it... well, if you remember the song, you can imagine what the video looks like.

I, just 6 minutes ago, finally, after waiting 16 years, saw the video.


After picking my jaw up off the floor I remembered when this was released and I thought about how I was at that time. I was so heavily closeted that I would not admit, even to myself, that I am gay. Gay was a choice, and more importantly, of the devil.

*Hanging head* Yes, secret is out. I come from a fundamentalist Christian background and was very into it till not too long before I came out to myself. I call myself a "recovering Southern Baptist."

But, I digress...

After watching this video I waited 16 years to see, I had a realization. I am really, reeeeally, glad I couldn't find it then. I was so heavily closeted (such a shame) that had I seen this when it first came out, I would have had a seizure and my head would have imploded from the sheer...


Aw shit. I can't describe it. Y'all watch it and tell me what you think.

Thank God for YouTube!

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Ruach X said...

Hell, I'D touch her, too . . . bigcheezygrin