Friday, February 27, 2009

Lenten Blogging Part 2

I apologize to everyone (myself included) that I could not post last night. Major migraine kicked in and took me out. I am better now that the meds to stop the migraine have worn off. (Good stuff but kicks my ass).

I have been wondering what to write about today. I think of things while I am driving into work in the morning but by the time I get home those ideas are gone.

Bummer really, cause a lot of those ideas are a riot.

Hmmmm. I could write about how it is a little nutty that my favorite church service is Ash Wednesday. (Do I get off on guilt or do I just like the fact that the sermon is great, the service is smaller and at night?)

I could write a bit about the Shamanic path I am on. (I think that is later)

I could write about how I think Spirit wants me to write to my family during this time. (uuuuuug. Do I haaave toooooo?????)

Or I could write about how I am trying to sell my truck (BayB is no longer running so she needs to find a new home with someone who can get her running again).

I have a new job, a new car, and beginning a new life. Where do I begin on writing about that? (yeah, yeah, the whole “you are right now” thing.)

All of these are good subjects and I think I will write about them this weekend.

For now. It is time for bed since I am nodding off as I type. Pictures of the view from my new digs tomorrow.


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