Thursday, October 16, 2008

see. . .it's all about perspective.

My partner, two friends and I were talking about how my partner said I was in a baaaad mood yesterday (click here for more on that) and I had said that I was bitchy yesterday. This was the response from one of the two other friends...

"see. . .it's all about perspective.

Bitchy-ness comes in levels: Normal Bitchy is something akin too "all humans are stupid and I will do my best to ignore you but if you ask me a stupid question, I'm going to give you a bitchy answer (that is usually truth just spoken with attitude)

Yesterdays level of Hyper-Bitch is something closer akin to, "All humans are stupid AND I WANT TO KILL YOU ALL. . . . PAINFULLY" see.

You need to be clear about these things."

I will stop laughing soon. I think... Naaah.

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