Friday, August 29, 2008

Love or eating bacon

My parents demanded during visitation negotiations today, that I not expose my kid to the homosexual lifestyle due to the immorality of being gay.


Whatever do they mean by Homosexual lifestyle? Do they mean me doing my dishes? Do they mean me working on my truck? What exactly in my lifestyle is homosexual? Shit, what exactly in my lifestyle ISN'T gay???

If they are talking about my wife and I having a committed relationship, loving and supporting each other even when we are living in different cities, forsaking all others till death we do part, sleeping at night in the same bed when we are visiting each other, well, then…

There are only three verses in the Bible dealing with homosexuality (two in the Old Testament – Here and Here and one in the New Testament – Here. Out of all of the verses in the Bible dealing with how to and when to worship God, how to live, stories and whatnot, these three are the ones focused on. Usually the ones about how we are to care for our neighbor, love one another, love God, and not judge, get missed and glossed over.

My parents, who have said “we need more family values in this house!!” (but then couldn’t explain exactly what those were when I asked) have cheated on each other repeatedly. My father drinks (a lot) and verbally abuses my mother. My mother verbally abuses my father and my kid. Ditto for dad about verbal abuse and the kid when he drinks. My mother is the worst kind of “keep up with the joneses” type of person and is obsessed with what the neighbors think.

I am not perfect. Not by a long shot. However, I am not throwing around accusations of immoral lifestyle based on a narrow interpretation of the Bible that I know they have not read nearly cover to cover as I have.

So, if we are going to use Biblical law here, lets have some fun shall we.

My parents are exposing my kid to an immoral lifestyle daily by wearing mixed fabric clothing (, being drunken (, my mother never covering her head when she prays (1 Corinthians 11:4-7), and eating bacon (

I am tempted to call my lawyer and tell her that I want all of the above fixed before my kid can stay in that house. After all, what really is the worse sin here, love or eating bacon.

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